OFPA  58th Spring  Technical Meeting and Tradeshow 

             April 14th , 2016 at the Mississauga Convention Center

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58th OFPA Spring Technical Meeting Agenda


OFPA  14th Spring  Golf Tournament and Technical session!

             Join Us at Our Golf Tournament on June 28th !For Registration Click here !


12th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety
April 20-21, 2016

Old Mill Inn Toronto, ON


Transform your Food Safety programs! This event brings together Food Safety Professionals from both Canada and the USA to build cohesive Food Safety procedures. The 2016 Summit features 4 interactive sessions, 7 executive case studies, 9+ hours of networking & 11+ elite speakers including the CFIA. Increase consumer confidence in the safety of your food and surpass industry standards. Don't become the next headline. Protect your business from food-borne illnesses, customer distrust and irreparable brand damage.


OFPA Membersreceive 20% off the cost of registration using VIP Code: OFPA20.


Visit the website to find out more: www.foodsafetycanada.com